Monday, September 29, 2008

Our new website is powered by MOSS!

We've been working hard for several months on a completely new public website for SharePoint Solutions. And, since MOSS 2007 now does such an admirable job of providing the tools needed to create highly-polished, publishing-oriented sites, it was just natural for us to make the new site powered by MOSS!

We have been extremely pleased with how the new website turned out with MOSS as the platform. The features provided really make it easy to set standards for branding and page layouts. The content publishing and approval features make it great for decentralizing the maintenance of the website. Content authors in our three main divisions (Training, Consulting, Software) create the content and then it goes through the appropriate approval processes before being shown live.

We've created a special page on the site that describes some of the key MOSS web content management features we used in creating the site: