Sunday, September 03, 2006

Code Examples: Implementing Solutions, Features and Web Parts in Windows SharePoint Services v3

The JW Mariott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa which served as the venue for this year's Advisor Summit in Phoenix was amazing. I was invited to present on two sessions - the first on WSS v3 Features (SMS305), and the second on advanced ASP.NET 2.0 web part development in WSS v3 (SMS401).
The Visual Studio 2005 solution accompanying my presentations contains a lot of examples for authoring Features and web parts in WSS v3, and may serve as a reference until more documentation is available from Microsoft. Specifically, the solution illustrates:
  • Creating and deploying a WSS Solution
  • Using makecab.exe and directive files (DDF) to create WSS Solutions distributable
  • Using MSBuild scripts to iteratively develop and deploy WSS Solutions from Visual Studio
  • Declaring WSS Features including:
    • ContentType
    • ContentTypeBinding
    • Control
    • Field
    • CustomAction
    • CustomActionGroup
    • Module
    • ListTemplate
    • ListInstance
    • Receivers
    • Workflow
  • Programattically associating a workflow with a WSS v3 List
  • Controlling ASP.NET 2.0 web part serialization through the use of type converters
  • Creating and associating custom EditorParts with ASP.NET 2.0 web parts
  • Dynamically loading user controls into a web part from the WSS v3 Control Templates (_controltemplates) path at runtime
  • Associating the SPDataSource object with a WSS v3 List
  • Binding a WSS v3 List to the SPGridView
  • Binding the SPTreeView to a hierarchical data source
  • Using the SPSiteDataQuery object for cross-site queries of WSS v3 Lists
  • Implementing Web Part connections in ASP.NET 2.0
As Patrick has already mentioned in his blog, several of the SharePoint presenters had an opportunity to get together on our last night in Phoenix for an enjoyable dinner and evening out. It was great to finally meet Dustin Miller, Todd Bleeker, Patrick Tisseghem, Todd Baginski, and Darrin Bishop. All of these gentlemen in some capacity or another have contributed to my ongoing education on the intricacies of SharePoint. Thanks!
On a final note, Nicola and I bet $10 on the upcoming Iowa vs. Ohio State game. It is going to be shame to take money from such a nice person - it is just too bad she's a Buckeyes fan. I guess it'll be kind of like taking money from Shane too, which makes it a bit more enjoyable. Don't you guys know? Nobody beats the Hawks at Kinnick Stadium!
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Anonymous said...

Your samples were great! Could you create a sample that defines a site column that has a field of type lookup and points to a list that is also defined in the same solution?

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to download the samples as the site is not accessible. Are these samples available elsewhere?



Anonymous said...

A have problem with download solution example.