Friday, September 29, 2006

Near-continous SharePoint backup solution

This article on CMS Wire talks about Version 2 Beta 1 of Microsoft's System Center Data Protection Manager product. Data Protection Manager is Microsoft's disk-based backup solution that has been aimed so far at providing near-continous backups of file shares.

According to the article, Beta 2 expands the products usefulness by adding the capability to backup Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint databases.

With regard to SharePoint restores, the article states the product supports "integrated Farm, DB, and site-level restores for SharePoint".

Having worked with SharePoint's out-of-the-box backup and restore tools for a long time, this new functionality in Data Protection Manager sounds very attractive to me.

This product is not intended to be the sole backup strategy for enterprise data. Because the backups can't easily be taken off-site, tape backups are still recommended as well. Nevertheless, for everyday backup and restores, this looks to be a very exciting solution.

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