Saturday, October 28, 2006

Presenting Two Sessions at SharePoint Information Worker Conference 2007

In January I'll be presenting two sessions at the SharePoint Information Worker Conference 2007 in Orlando, FL. IWC07 is a three-day SharePoint conference designed specifically for business, web and application professionals who need to stay on the leading edge of Microsoft’s Office System and SharePoint technologies.
Here's a summary of the two sessions which I'll be presenting:

Enabling SharePoint for Extranet Collaboration

Thousands of organizations worldwide are turning to Microsoft's SharePoint Product and Technologies for sharing critical business data with partners, customers and suppliers over the Internet. To achieve business advantage by effectively collaborating with business partners, organizations need to provide access to proprietary content while still maintaining security, audit ability and accountability.
Along with security concerns, companies are facing the challenging process of working with IT resources to get collaborative extranet sites provisioned and accessible. Once online, the ongoing tasks for user management of these collaborative applications must be identified and assigned.
In this session, attendees will be hear about enhancements in SharePoint 2007 and third-party add-ons that open new doors in terms of the possibilities and feasibility of using SharePoint as an Extranet collaboration tool.

Integrating data from business applications using the new Business Data Catalog in SharePoint 2007

The Business Data Catalog (BDC) provides a means to surface business data from line-of-business (LOB) systems into SharePoint 2007 without the need to write custom code. The BDC bridges the gap between SharePoint 2007 and business applications by bringing in key data for use in SharePoint sites, lists, search, and user profiles.
In this session, the I'll demonstrate the use of Business Data web parts and show how these web parts are used to display business data within a SharePoint application. Attendees will also learn about leveraging the Business Data field type to display business data in any SharePoint list and see how SharePoint's Search Center can gather and index data from BDC applications to provide full-text search ability.
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