Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Latest Release of ExCM - SE for SharePoint 2007 Adds User Profile Management

Last night we released an updated version of our ExCM - Standard Edition for SharePoint 2007 product. The new package can be downloaded from our SharePoint Solutions Software site's Releases and Downloads page.

Many of our software customers have been asking for us to add user profile management capabilities to the ExCM - SE product. As a result, with this latest release you can now define custom user profile properties of text, date and yes/no data types. You are further able to configure user profile fields as required or optional for users to complete when registering for access to your site. As well, you can apply a custom validator to your user profile properties, requiring data to be input in a specific format. From your users' perspective, you can now enable them to manage their own profile properties by selecting a menu item on SharePoint 2007's Welcome menu.

Adding functionality such as user profile management in ExCM - SE illustrates that we appreciate the feedback we receive from our software customers, and we will continue to take you seriously when we make design decisions for our products.

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