Thursday, July 05, 2007

Changing the Number Of Blog Posts Per Page

When I posted about how to Select Multiple Categories for SharePoint Blog Posts, one reader noted in the comments that when you view items by category, it only lists 10 posts per page. This reader wanted to know how to increase the number of posts that are shown on a particular page.

Unfortunately, there isn't a quick and easy way to do this just from within a web browser. Our faithful friend, SharePoint Designer 2007 will give us the tools we need to change this, however.

First, click on one of the categories to go to the page that displays the posts for that category. The page should be at /Lists/Categories/Category.aspx. Now open this page for editing in SharePoint Designer 2007.

Once the page is open, change to code view. Then look for a section of code that looks like the following screenshot:

(Note: this screenshot was taken with Word Wrap enabled.)

You are looking for the section that is highlighted in the above screenshot.

You will see several other RowLimit sections with other numbers in them. You want to make sure you have this one.

Change the number "10" to however many blog posts you want to display on a page.

Once you've made your change, save the page and view it.

If you want to display more posts on the home page of your blog, you can do this same thing by editing default.aspx.
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