Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Presenting at Information Worker Conference 2008 (IWC08)

I'm looking forward to presenting at this year's upcoming Information Worker Conference. Along with SharePoint Solutions' president Jeff Cate and fellow software engineer Jeremy Luerkens, I'll be presenting a session on how we use SharePoint and Extranet Collaboration Manager to facilitate and automate our customer-facing business processes. Here is the title and description of our session:

Real-world case study: Collaborating with Customers on the Extranet with SharePoint
In January, 2007, SharePoint Solutions began using SharePoint 2007 to collaborate on the Extranet with every customer that attends one of its training classes. Each training class that is held receives its own WSS site that students can access during and after class to collaborate with fellow students and their instructors. The class extranet collaboration application has been a huge success with over 100 extranet sites created and being accessed securely over the Internet by over 1,500 customers. Come hear about the features of this solution, the approach that has been taken to ensure security, and the processes that have been established to quickly generate user accounts and uniform class sites. SharePoint Solutions' award-winning Extranet Collaboration Manager add-on, a big part of this solution, will also be highlighted by its designers, Tony Bierman and Jeremy Luerkens.

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