Friday, June 20, 2008

Latest release of Extranet Collaboration Manager (ExCM) adds some nice features

The latest release of Extranet Collaboration Manager (ExCM 1.8170.2) adds some nice features which have been commonly requested from our customers:

Registration Approval Process

Define a list of approvers to review invited and/or anonymous registrations. When a user registers the account will remain unapproved until reviewed by an approver. One or more approvers will be notified of the pending registration. After reviewing the account the approver can approve or deny the request. The registering user will then be notified of the approval status.

Pre-Approved Domain Names

A list of pre-approved domain names can be defined. When a user registers for access to the site, his or her account will automatically be approved if the registering domain names exists in the pre-approved domain name list.

Account Verification

When a anonymous user registers for site access, a message will be sent to the user's e-mail address asking the user to verify the account. The user can access the site only after verification.

User Automation Job to Enforce Password Expiration and Account Activity Expiration

ExCM now contains a list of STSADM commands which can be use to create and manage user automation operations such as password expiration and account activity expiration. The job will notify users of pending expirations via e-mail. If a corrective action is not taken the account will be locked out. The age of the lockout and the notification window are customizable using STSADM. You can also customize the notification messages for each event.

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