Monday, July 28, 2008

Create a Site Template from a Publishing Site

So you finally designed a perfect publishing site. You have it just the way you want it and you want to make sure that everyone uses this template to create sub sites that look just as good. Excellent! Now just save that site as a template and….what’s that? No “Save site as template” option? Uh oh. Unfortunately, MOSS does not support saving publishing sites as templates.

Never fear! There is a workaround! Simply turn off the publishing site features and you will have the ability to save your publishing site as a template.

The steps are as follows:
  • Create your publishing site and configure it the way you like.
  • Go to Site Actions à Site Settings à Modify all site settings
  • Under Site Administration, select “Site Features”
  • The status of “Office SharePoint Server Publishing” will be set to Active
  • Click Deactivate

Now your Site settings will show a “Save site as template” option.

Save your site template and then simply reverse the process to turn your publishing features back on.

Please note that publishing features will not be active on any site you create from this type of template. If you want to use them, you will need to turn them on as your sites are created.

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