Thursday, July 31, 2008

Microsoft Sharepoint “Tips of the Day”

Want a great place to get general Sharepoint tips and tricks? How about your Outlook mailbox?

Microsoft has made available a list of tips and how-tos for SharePoint, Sharepoint Designer, and InfoPath and of course, all the other Office products as well. Best of all, they are available by RSS feed, so you can have them delivered right to your Outlook mailbox.

You can choose which feeds you would like to subscribe to. Some of the most recent posts have included:

· How to Design an InfoPath Form based on XML Schema
· Create a workflow initiation form
· How to use variables in workflows
· How to export Excel data to a Sharepoint site
· Connect a Query String Filter to another Web Part

As you can see, the topics range from simple tasks to pretty substantial processes.

For a complete list of feeds and to choose what tips you would like to subscribe to, visit


Anonymous said...

Has anyone managed to get these RSS feeds working in the Live Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. Microsoft don't seem to have made the URLs Firefox compliant.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Tip dude...thanks for sharing.