Friday, November 21, 2008

Announcing Workflow Essentials for SharePoint

Nearly all organizations which implement SharePoint® seek to automate business processes by taking advantage of its workflow capabilities. Many of these same companies quickly discover that although the plumbing is there to create robust workflows in SharePoint Designer, more tools are needed to effectively automate their processes. At that point a few options come to mind: companies can either pay programmers to author custom workflow activities, or they can purchase an expensive third party add-on for workflow. As a welcomed alternative, SharePoint Solutions' Workflow Essentials now provides you with a proven reliable, less expensive way to augment SharePoint Designer's workflow capabilities.

Workflow Essentials is a suite of activities and conditions that will enable you to create effective, useful workflows in SharePoint Designer. SharePoint Solutions' experts have spent thousands of hours consulting for companies with workflow requirements similar to yours. Our instructors have taught hundreds of students how to better leverage SharePoint workflows for process automation. By working with our customers and students to understand their business needs, we have developed a SharePoint add-on product containing custom workflow activities and conditions that you will find indispensable.

Workflow Essentials installs to your SharePoint server and provides several new activities and conditions for you to use on the design surface of Workflow Designer in SharePoint Designer. There is no additional workflow design application for you to install or learn, you simply continue using the familiar SharePoint Designer interface for creating your workflows. With Workflow Essentials installed, you'll have more than two dozen additional activities and conditions from which to choose from. These activities will allow your workflows to create SharePoint sites; move and copy list items; query user properties from both SharePoint and Active Directory; send e-mail attachments; manipulate item permissions; and much more.

Learn more about Workflow Essentials and download the public Beta


Anonymous said...

And how expensive will it be??
Will it work on WSS??

Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for your questions.

Yes, Workflow Essentials is compatible with both WSS v3.0 and MOSS 2007.

Workflow Essentials pricing information will be forthcoming in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Does this solution have something in it that will allow an anonymous user to trigger a workflow on a public website? MS was supposed to fix this in SP 1, but did not.

Unknown said...

Hi Steve,

I like the idea, we'll have to research it. At the moment, our product doesn't tackle that issue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony - I'm wondering how do you position yourself with the other workflow vendors? Are you on a par with Nintex? Heading in the K2 direction? Do tell! Thanx for the update!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments.

We released Workflow Essentials today for $1,995.00 per web front end server.

With our product, you'll be up and running in only a few minutes. The activities and conditions in our solution surface in SharePoint Designer just like you're used to. No additional workflow designer to use like K2 and Nintex.

Our pricing model positions this product as a low-cost solution that is quick and easy to get up and running with.

Jon Lambert said...

Hi Tony,

Is academic pricing available for your product?


Unknown said...


Thanks for your question. You can use this form to contact our sales team and discuss your question further.

I've also forwarded your e-mail address to our sales manager.