Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Free SharePoint Training Video Library

We've been working on putting together a free SharePoint Training Video library for a while now and as of today it is officially launched!

To start out with, we have six, 30 minute to 1 hour videos available. The videos are delivered by our expert SharePoint instructors and consultants. These training videos are more in-depth than many of the free screencasts that you might find on the Internet.

They are presented similar to the way we deliver modules in our classroom-based SharePoint training courses. Generally, they all include some lecture on concepts and then show detailed demonstrations. Of course, in our classroom courses, students also receive a comprehensive course manual, work through detailed hands-on lab exercises and get to ask their expert instructor all of the unique questions they have. So, these free training videos are not a replacement for thorough training in the classroom, but we feel that they may be a great place to start for a lot of people.

Our plans are to populate the library with different videos that will appeal to learners that have different skill levels and different roles within their organization. To start out with, we have at least one video available for each of these SharePoint experience levels: Just Getting Started, Intermediate, Advanced. We also target different videos to the following SharePoint roles: IT Manager, IT Administrator, IT Developer, Non-IT Manager, and Non-IT User.

All that is required to access the library is to register for it during the sign-up process. Once you are registered, you can watch as many of the videos as you want to and as many times as you want to. Since you will be registered for the library, you will get an email from us any time we add new videos to the library (this is a good reason you should give us a valid email address and add sharepointsolutions.com to your white list).

Sign up today and let us know what you think about the videos!

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