Thursday, October 29, 2009

Updated: Building a SharePoint 2010 Service Application #sp2010

A few weeks back, I wrote a series of three articles on the topic of building SharePoint 2010 Service Applications. Today, I have updated the source code for these articles to include Powershell cmdlets for provisioning, retrieving and updating the demo service application from the command line.

The three articles and a link to download the source code solution can be found on the SharePoint Solutions' community site:
Part One – The Service Application
Part Two – The Service Application’s Admin Interface
Part Three – The WCF Service Endpoint
Part Four – The User Application Page


lise GmbH said...

Thank you! Good post. Helped me to build my first SharePoint 2010 application.

Jeremy Thake said...

Great series of articles.
I can get this goign in my Dev environment with this code deploying using VS2010. When I take it to UAT/Prod and add and deploy WSP I can't see the Service App in New button. What step am I missing?