Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Announcing InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010 No-Code Workflow Training for SharePoint 2010

The business process automation capabilities of SharePoint 2010 (all editions) are fast becoming some of its most popular features. Streamlined business processes reduce labor and supply costs dramatically and improve both efficiency and office morale. It is rare to find one element that can make such a huge impact on a workplace environment.

In response to the overwhelming demand for instruction on InfoPath 2010 and no-code SharePoint 2010 Workflow creation using SharePoint Designer 2010, SharePoint Solutions is pleased to announce our two new courses:

Both of these intermediate-level courses require a good working knowledge of SharePoint 2010 and familiarity with the Microsoft Office Suite of programs, particularly the “ribbon” interface.

The 2-day “InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010 No-Code Workflow Basics” can take any savvy SharePoint 2010 user and have you building user-friendly digital forms and powerful, sophisticated SharePoint 2010 workflows in just two days, using InfoPath 2010, the Workflow Designer in SharePoint Designer 2010, and any edition of SharePoint 2010 – even the free edition! Designed to have you up-and-running quickly, this instructor-led, hands-on jump-start cracks the secrets of designing InfoPath forms your users will really use, and SharePoint Designer workflows that accomplish a myriad of business tasks – automatically. Packed with information and hands-on experience!

The 4-day “InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 No-Code Workflow Deep Dive” takes SharePoint 2010 users through the basics of forms creation and workflow design and on to the next level of workflow capability. Starting with everything that is in the 2-day course, the Deep Dive takes you further – leveraging the powerful advanced workflow features only available in SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. You’ll learn about creating Site Workflows, Reusable Workflows, using Forms Services so your users can fill out forms in a browser, using web services to pre-fill form fields, working with digital signatures, visual workflow design using Visio 2010, and much, much more. You’ll even have an opportunity to examine YOUR real-life business process issues and craft workflow solutions.