Saturday, May 12, 2012

SharePoint Governance Plan

Is SharePoint 2010 Governance Planning on your mind?  Not sure where to start? In the Microsoft TechNet topic entitled Plan site creation and maintenance (SharePoint Server 2010), Microsoft is quick to point out that before you deploy and make sites available to users, you will need to answer questions such as:
  • Do you want to tightly control site creation or to allow many users to create sites?
  • At which level in the site hierarchy should additional sites be created?
  • How do you find and remove unused sites in your environment?
Once you've reviewed Microsoft's TechNet topics regarding Governance in SharePoint 2010, let me recommend that you take a look at our Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint 2010 product.  I think you'll find that SPGA does much of the heavy lifting for you. 

With SPGA, you'll be able to provide your users the ability to request sites on demand, but without letting the weeds of site sprawl take over your SharePoint landscape.  SPGA lets you create SharePoint governance templates in which you decide beforehand where different types of sites are created in your taxonomy.  And with SPGA's new life cycle management features,  you'll be able to set your own SharePoint Governance policy to decide when a site should be expired.

Want to know more about Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint 2010?  We have a live webinar for you to attend.  Register for the webinar here.

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