Friday, August 03, 2012

Secret Sauce or Special Sauce?

by Randy Moody

A couple of weeks ago the McDonald’s fast food chain, purportedly in response to a question from a curious customer, revealed the recipe for the “special sauce” in its double-decker Big Mac hamburger in a You Tube video done by its executive chef. The revelation became a media event, which, I’m sure, is a big part of why it was done. The recipe was interesting, to be sure, but the biggest surprise for me was this:

McDonald’s has an executive chef?  Really?

Now, should I be so inclined, I can make my own 550 calorie Big Macs right at home. 
Homemade Big Macs. Mmmm-mmmmm.
(Insert your own mental image of Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bea gathered around the table eating Aunt Bea’s homemade Big Macs.)

Once the secret was revealed, I had another realization. This isn’t really a special sauce at all. It’s just a bunch of very ordinary ingredients combined in certain proportions.  The only thing that really made it special is that nobody else knew the recipe. It was a special sauce only because it was a secret sauce.

Most of us are familiar with the term “secret sauce” used in a business context. 
The “secret sauce’ of an organization is a special feature or technique kept secret and regarded as being the chief factor in that organization’s success.

I got to thinking about our training at SharePoint Solutions. 
Do we have a “secret sauce?”
No.  But we DO have a “special sauce.” 
I know, because our students tell us every week.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, here are the ingredients of our special sauce:
  • Our instructors are all SharePoint experts and real-world SharePoint consultants, as well as master communicators.
  • All of our courses are written in house by our own SharePoint experts out of their own experience and expertise.
  • Our courses are experiential.  We hold to a ratio of about 35% lecture and 65% hands-on lab exercises.
  • Every course we teach includes a comprehensive training class manual several hundred pages in length – with screen shots!
  • Our instructors are helpful, approachable, and invested in training YOU effectively.
  • Our courses are business-focused – to help you to use SharePoint to your greatest advantage.
  • Our courses impart workplace-ready SharePoint skills and real confidence in using the product.  You come away with a skill – not a headache.
  • Our courses are crafted to accommodate various learning styles of our students. 
  • The classroom experience is fun and engaging. 
  • We are customer-driven and customer-oriented.  You’re not just another student here.  You’re THE student we’re focused on.
  • Our training is an excellent value.
There you are!  Now you know the ingredients for effective SharePoint training. 
And you can taste it for yourself by enrolling in any of our PremierPoint Solutions training courses.