Monday, October 07, 2013

New Course: Business Intelligence for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint Solutions is excited to announce the launch of a new 3-day course on Business Intelligence for SharePoint 2010:
Business Intelligence Training – the Microsoft Self-Service BI Toolset
Leveraging PowerPivot, Power View and Report Builder to Build No-Code BI Applications and Reports for SharePoint 2010

SharePoint BI Training
Better business intelligence leads to more intelligent business decisions. Intuition-driven decision making is no match for data-driven decision making. Facts trump feelings. But getting the data into a format which is readily accessible and easily consumed has always been the issue.
Microsoft’s Self-Service BI Toolset is giving business professionals the tools they need to develop no-code BI applications and reports to aggregate and display data in SharePoint 2010.

This 3-day course will give you the hands-on training to use these tools effectively. You will learn to develop BI and reporting types of business applications, including dashboards, using no-code, power user-oriented tools.
This is an intermediate- to advanced-level course. It is aimed at business professionals who are experienced SharePoint 2010 power users, and is NOT for beginners. Prospective students should feel very comfortable working with medium to complex Excel workbooks with formulas, multiple data sources, Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, and should have at least 6 months experience working in SharePoint 2010 on a regular basis.

The new course debuts January 22-24, 2013, in Nashville, TN. Registration for that class is now open, and the cost of the new 3-day BI course is $1895.