Monday, November 12, 2012

Your Opinion Matters

by Randy Moody
At some point in the last couple of decades, your opinion about pretty much anything became REALLY IMPORTANT!
  • Television networks decide which shows get to continue based on ratings.
  • Politicians navigate and adjust the focus of their campaigns based on public opinion polls.
  • EBay sellers live or die by customer feedback.
  • And products, services, restaurants, hotels, and businesses of all kinds often sink or swim based on customer reviews.

One shift in the marketplace as a result of all this is:
  • Companies had better be REALLY GOOD at what they do if theyre going to stay in business, because there are LOTS of other choices!

If I’m considering making a significant purchase, I take the time for “due diligence” and check out customer reviews. I’ll bet you do too. What are other people who purchased this product or used this service saying about it? 
Are there any reviews available on the Internet about those?
Why yes, there are.
Microsoft has a special website devoted to Microsoft Partner companies and their products and services. It is called Microsoft Pinpoint. For each company, there is a place to post reviews.
I would encourage you to see what our students are saying about our classes.
You can read the reviews here.

Ultimately, we are in business to help you and your organization make the most effective use of SharePoint. That’s our goal, and our single focus.
So once you’ve seen what others are saying, come and see for yourself.