Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SPGA 2013: A Site Vending Machine

Site Provisioning and Governance SoftwareRecently we announced the release of our newest software add-on: 
Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint 2013 (SPGA 2013).

The beauty of SPGA 2013 is that it enables every site to be provisioned just the way you want it – every single time. It’s a site vending machine that generates on demand, uniformly and automatically.
Why is this so important?

In organizations where lots of new sites are created on an ongoing basis, the IT department can get overwhelmed with the load of creating and provisioning new sites – making sure that site after site: 
  • has the right security settings
  • is plugged in correctly into the taxonomy and hierarchy of the organization
  • has a look and feel consistent with the organization’s branding
  • has all the appropriate features and functionality for the team requesting the site
  • complies with and enforces the governance standards set forth by the organization
In addition to the pressure of backlogged requests, the actual work of producing site after site in this way can be mind-numbingly tedious, and it carries the potential for significant human error.

SPGA 2013 empowers the IT department to create each type of site just once, and have it automatically replicated on demand at the user’s request. 
With SPGA 2013, administrators create Site Request Profiles with all the appropriate functionality, standards, and limitations “baked” in. A “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. Users then select the appropriate Request Profile for the kind of site they need and fill out a short request form which sets into motion the automated process.

Workflows then activate, automating the approval, creation, and provisioning of the site, and the completed site is "dispensed."
And there you have it – SharePoint site vending machine!

We’re excited about SPGA 2013 and how it relieves IT stress, saves labor costs, boosts IT morale, and empowers users with the sites they need. We think it gives both users and administrators a lot to be happy about. SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2013