Friday, July 26, 2013

Private Onsite SharePoint Training Is a Cost-effective Option forLarger Groups

SharePoint 2013 Training

Recently we created a new tagline for our Training Division: Learn, Lead, Succeed.

We chose that phrase because it reflects the ultimate goal of our SharePoint training:  to help students learn the practical skills and hands-on experience they need to confidently and effectively utilize SharePoint within departments and teams in their organizations.

Whether students are experienced SharePoint users or just getting started, the appropriate-level course will prepare them to lead the way in making their offices more efficient and cost effective, giving them a competitive edge for career success. 

When an individual or a couple of people from an organization need training, our public classes are an excellent choice for getting them started down the path to learn, lead and succeed.

Sometimes, though, an organization will have a whole group of people who all need the same training on SharePoint. In many cases like this, our private onsite SharePoint training can be a more cost-effective alternative to public training classes.

In addition to the convenience of having SharePoint training delivered to your doorstep, holding SharePoint training onsite can save companies as much as 50% when factoring in travel costs.

Any of the SharePoint training courses offered publicly can also be taught onsite at a company’s training facility (within the 48 contiguous continental United States) as a private training class.

Want to see if private training is right for your organization? Contact us by phone at 615-515-0210 ext. 3 or email us at