Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Course: InfoPath and SharePoint 2013 No-Code Workflow Deep Dive

Beginning with our 2007 “Mission: Automation” course on InfoPath and no-code SharePoint workflows, our courses on designing digital forms, and automating business processes through SharePoint workflows have been some of our most popular and effective courses ever!

Now, PremierPoint Solutions is pleased to announce our latest SharePoint Training advance focusing on forms creation and workflow design, our new 4-dayInfoPath and SharePoint 2013 No-Code Workflow Deep Dive.”

The new course is appropriate for:
  • Power Users who want to create InfoPath digital forms to collect data, make use of InfoPath’s integration with SharePoint, and create custom SharePoint Designer workflows to automate business processes
  • IT Pros and Developers who are interested in learning out-of-the-box, no-code functionality and features (this course does not teach Visual Studio workflow development).
Our new course includes:
  • 4 days of deep immersion training heavily weighted towards hands-on lab work taught by an expert InfoPath and SharePoint Workflow instructor
  • The perfect mix of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on lab exercises in an engaging classroom experience or Live Online training experience – your choice
You’ll learn:
  • All about the InfoPath application and its integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint
  • The principles and best practices of good form design, and why that matters to your business process
  • To work with data fields, form controls, and form options using time-saving, streamlined techniques
  • How to use InfoPath Rules to automate form completion and provide a dynamic user experience
  • To write powerful, complex custom workflows without code using SharePoint Designer 2013
  • The improvements that the 2013 version of Microsoft’s products have brought to forms design and use and workflow design and application
  • And much, much more
You’ll come away with the confidence to:
  • Create exceptionally usable, dynamic electronic business forms – both for those who will fill them out and for those who will use the data
  • Make the best use of digital forms in office procedures
  • Create and implement powerful, complex workflow processes to automate your business processes with no coding or programming expertise necessary
The new course is priced at our new 4-day class price of just $1895.
Classes are now open through June on our PremierPoint Solutions website – both live in the classroom and Live Online.
View the course syllabus as well as upcoming class dates here.