Tuesday, November 04, 2014

New White Paper: Cost-effective, Enterprise-ready SharePoint Extranets

A SharePoint extranet gives an organization’s employees, partners, vendors, and clients access to the specific information they need, when they need it.

In fact, the same things that make SharePoint a great intranet platform also make it a great extranet platform. But there is a problem.

While SharePoint is built for collaboration and contains built-in collaboration tools, IT professionals who attempt to implement SharePoint as an extranet quickly find out there are many hurdles to overcome.

In SharePoint, Microsoft’s extranet platform does not provide an easy way to: 

      Deploy an extranet
      Secure an extranet
      Manage an extranet
      Empower users to solve simple login issues or perform simple administrative actions for themselves
      Facilitate simple user-friendly access

A new white paper, “Providing Enterprise-ready and Cost-effective Extranets with SharePoint,” examines the kinds of business problems a SharePoint extranet can help an organization overcome and explains a way to overcome extranet hurdles, making extranet management and use secure, easy, and affordable.

It also looks at real-world challenges organizations face in deploying an extranet, and explains how an add-on solution called Extranet Collaboration Manager for SharePoint (ExCM) provides the tools that are absent in SharePoint out of the box but are necessary for an extranet to work optimally.

ExCM is a robust solution that numerous organizations worldwide have chosen to simplify and streamline the deployment, management, and use of their extranets.

SharePoint provides the extranet capability, and
ExCM provides the tools to make it smooth and efficient.

Easy collaboration and data-sharing with partners, clients, and vendors could save your company time and effort, and give it a competitive edge.

If your organization is considering deploying a SharePoint extranet, download this free, informative white paper and see the difference that a smooth and efficient SharePoint extranet can make.

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