Friday, April 03, 2015

The Top 5 Free SharePoint-Related Software Products

Some of the most powerful, most useful, and most versatile business software is available at no cost.
That fact, in and of itself, is mind-blowing.

Below, you’ll find links to free SharePoint-related products that are capable of accomplishing a myriad of sophisticated tasks with minimal effort.

There is no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of these free products. Help yourself!

SharePoint Foundation 2013 – The king of free downloads. This is the free edition of SharePoint itself. For many small businesses and organizations, this may be all the SharePoint you really need. Download it here.

SharePoint Designer 2013 – Use this powerful tool to create sophisticated workflow automation solutions and a whole lot more. Get it here.

ChangeBot Free Edition – The automated change attendant from PremierPoint Solutions. ChangeBot handles SharePoint requests submitted by users – from request to approval to execution. The free edition is limited to automatic creation/provisioning of sites and site collections. Download it here.

The SharePoint Color Palette Tool – This free tool from Microsoft allows you to set your SharePoint color scheme down to the tiniest detail. Get it here.

PowerPivot for Excel – This free add-on for Microsoft Excel allows the user to conduct powerful Business Intelligence analysis. Using this tool, you can work with extremely large data sets; combine data from different sources (including SharePoint lists); create visually appealing analytical models; slice and dice data with DAX; and publish dashboards to SharePoint. Download PowerPivot here. (To publish dashboards to SharePoint, you need another piece, Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint, available here at no charge.)

In addition to all THESE freebies, you can access a large library of Help and How-To articles and resources at no charge on our PremierPoint Solutions website, here.

And don’t forget our library of free SharePoint training videos, also available on our website, here.

They're all useful, they're all powerful, and they're all yours for the taking. Download and enjoy!

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