Tuesday, March 08, 2016

FLEXclass -- A Whole New Way to Learn

This week we launch our first week of FLEXclass training.

What is FLEXclass training, you ask?

FLEXclass is a whole new way to learn SharePoint

The FLEXclass model retains the high quality and effectiveness of PremierPoint Solutions training, while introducing a new level of convenience, flexibility, and depth. And, best of all, our new 3- and 4-day FLEXclasses are just $995!

PremierPoint Solutions Training Class Models – Side-By-Side Comparison:


All of our SharePoint training courses are now available in the new FLEXclass learning format. Interested? You can learn more here.

To register for a FLEXclass, just go to SharePoint Training on our website, and then to the course page for the course you want to take. Then look on the right hand side for upcoming classes. Click on any of the ones that say “FLEXclass” under them. Then register for the class.

We’re very excited about our FLEXclass model, and we think you’re going to love this new, cost-effective way to learn SharePoint.

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