Monday, January 16, 2017

Webinar: Using SharePoint for Client Extranets for Law, Accounting, Engineering, and Consulting Firms

Webinar Date: Wednesday, January 18
Using SharePoint for Client Extranets in Professional Services Firms

Time: 11 a.m. EST U.S. 

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SharePoint, combined with Extranet Collaboration Manager (ExCM), makes an excellent platform for a Client Extranet for professional services firms such as:

  • Law Firms,
  • Accounting Firms,
  • Engineering Firms,
  • IT Consulting Firms,
  • Management Consulting Firms,
  • Advertising and PR Agencies,
  • and other Professional Services firms,

In this free one-hour webinar, we will look at techniques for:

  • Allowing internal users to easily and securely invite clients to join private extranet collaboration sites 
  • Automatically enforcing security and governance policies as external user’s create accounts from invitations and join sites 
  • Oversee and govern external user Forms-based Authentication (FBA) accounts with minimal workload for SharePoint Farm Administrators 
  • Automating the extranet site request and provisioning process for extranet sites to ensure that it is fast and easy for users to obtain properly provisioned sites as new client matters\engagements\projects are started

The webinar will be conducted by Jeff Cate, Founder and President of PremierPoint Solutions, and Johnathan Horton, Software Support Engineer.

Your questions are welcome during and after the webinar.

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