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How to Add Email Sender's to the CC on ExCM Invitations

Chances are if you are younger than 30 you might not know
Carbon Paper
what the CC or BCC options in your email stand for? We all know that the CC and BCC are used to copy or blind copy additional email recipients, but what does that extra C stand for? The answer is "Carbon" or Carbon Copy. 
The term is borrowed from the days of the mechanical and later the electronic typewriter (circa 1879-1979). Way back before email or for that matter even copiers, it was an industry standard to make additional copies of important documents using carbon paper to transfer images for multiple copies. Today, the term courtesy copy is sometimes used instead, but boy have we come a long way! Not many of us could even imagine manually writing out a document and then to save time using carbon paper to make additional copies. My hand hurts just typing this out, and can you imagine the security risks if that piece of carbon paper got into the wrong hands?

Because ExCM was created to provide the most security possible to prevent users or organizations from obtaining personal, private and company information about their competitors, there are limits to the information a Site Sponsor or Administrator has access to. While a Site Sponsor can be given many permissions to manage users that they have added or invited to a site, they are not normally given access to certain lists like Invitations. This is designed to prevent them from viewing invitations from other Site Sponsors or Administrators. With all this said, how can a Site Sponsor or Administrator keep track of the invitations they have sent out to new users and prevent sending out multiple invitations to the same user or overlooking a user they needed to invite to their site?

ExCM’s NEW Email Sender CC feature is the answer! With the Email Sender option, an Administrator has the ability to make sure that every invitation email also CC’s the sender so that the sender has the notification they need to better manage who has been invited and who needs to be invited to the site.

Here are the instructions for setting this up for your site collection.

Browse to your site collection and then to Extranet Management/ Registration Settings:

Next click the Invitations registration settings:

Next, you will check the CC Email Sender option and then click Save:

Now when an FBA (Forms Based Account) user or AD (Active Directory) user sends out invitations, they will automatically be added as a CC on the invitation email.

Note: The “From” portion of the email will continue to show the SharePoint system email for the organization.

Warning: If you have FBA or AD users that are not automatically added to the CC on the email, you will need to make sure they are in the SharePoint UIL (User Information List) correctly.

For FBA users you will need to re-invite the user to the site collection. After they resubmit the updated registration form for current users, the registration receiver will update the UIL and they will be added to the invitation CC for any future emails the FBA user will send out.

For AD users you will need to make sure their email address is visible in the Active Directory Users Email option per the screenshot provided. Once the email has been added it might take several minutes for the directory to update. Once it has updated the AD user should also receive the CC email on any future invitations that the AD user sends out.

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