Tuesday, November 01, 2005

WSS Alert Manager v1 Released

One of the most frequently asked questions in our classes over the past three years has been related to SharePoint Alerts. Users like the Alert functionality in SharePoint but many also feel that it is too limited. They need the ability to "push" Alerts to other users and more robust Alert management tools for Sites where there are hundreds or even thousands of users.

There have been a few add-ons developed by third-parties (some as freeware, some as software) that attempt to provide more functionality but their reception has been lukewarm. In most cases this is because they are not supported or they still fall short of what is really needed.

We have just completed the development and beta testing of a SharePoint Add-on that is designed to provide robust Alert management capabilities including the ability to "push" alerts to multiple users. Our add-on has been professionally designed and developed and is professionally supported. It is not a freeware “web part” with limited functionality and no support. It is a robust, full-featured piece of software that is well-integrated with SharePoint Administration and allows WSS Site Administrators to do the following:
  • Subscribe other Site Users to SharePoint Alerts on any List, Document Library or Document in a Site
  • Add/Change/Delete Alerts for one or more users on any List, Document Library or Document in a Site
  • Manage all Alerts for a User
  • Manage all Alerts for all Users for a List
  • For Sites with large numbers of Users, quickly find a User and manage her Alerts using search technology that supports searching by Login, Preferred Name or e-mail address. The User search also supports partial words, wildcard and pattern matching
  • Quickly and efficiently Add/Change/Delete Alerts for Sites that contain hundreds of Lists and thousands of Users

The add-on sells for $500 (USD) per Web Front-End Server. Currently it is only available for the U.S. English locale, but we are working on versions for other languages and plan to release those over the next month.

We had over 100 downloads of the add-on during beta testing over the past four weeks. Many beta testers reported that they are very pleased with the high quality of the product and very few bugs were reported.

The page on our site that provides product information and a link to purchase is:


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