Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keyboard Shortcuts for SharePoint Calendars

If you use Sharepoint calendar views very much, you might be able to save some time, or at least impress your co-workers, if you control them via keyboard shortcuts. I was looking at the code view of the calendar web part earlier this week and noticed that several links had accesskeys assigned to them.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for SharePoint Calendar views:
ALT + [ - Previous day, week, or month in a view
ALT + ] - Next day, week, or month in a view
ALT + X - Expand all
ALT + P - Collapse all
ALT + . - Switch to Day view
ALT + - - Switch to Week view
ALT + = - Switch to Month view

Hitting these keys in Internet Explorer will select the link--you will need to hit the ENTER key afterwards to activate the link.

Microsoft has also provided a complete list of SharePoint Keyboard shortcuts.
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