Thursday, July 19, 2007

Keyboard Shortcuts for SharePoint Calendars

If you use Sharepoint calendar views very much, you might be able to save some time, or at least impress your co-workers, if you control them via keyboard shortcuts. I was looking at the code view of the calendar web part earlier this week and noticed that several links had accesskeys assigned to them.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for SharePoint Calendar views:
ALT + [ - Previous day, week, or month in a view
ALT + ] - Next day, week, or month in a view
ALT + X - Expand all
ALT + P - Collapse all
ALT + . - Switch to Day view
ALT + - - Switch to Week view
ALT + = - Switch to Month view

Hitting these keys in Internet Explorer will select the link--you will need to hit the ENTER key afterwards to activate the link.

Microsoft has also provided a complete list of SharePoint Keyboard shortcuts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ricky. One frustration I have had with SharePoint Calendar view is that I cannot find a way to make it open on a date certain. It always opens with a sensitivity to my system date. For example, I am scheduling a conference with multiple breakout sessions in November of this year, and my list of sessions contains a start date/time and an end date/time. If I wish to view as a calendar - and it is July - I have to wait for the screen refreshes as I move through months then days to see, for example, Thursday, November 8th. I would like to filter for a date range and then have the calender only show me that date range rather than only those appointments. Any ideas?

Ricky Spears said...

Anonymous - I think the easiest way to accomplish this is to do a little URL munging and create a link (either in a Links list or a Content Editor web part) that goes to the page that has the calendar on it. You may even want to create multiple links that will open up to different days.

For example, let's assume that the URL for the page that contains the calendar view is:

To create a link that would open that page and display the Calendar web part showing the November 8th, 2007 date, you would just put the 11,8, and 2007 for the value of the CalendarDate parameter in the URL like so:

If you also want the page to show a particular view, you can put day, week, or month as the value for the CalendarPeriod parameter like so:

I hope this helps!

This last example will show the calendar in a day view for November 8, 2007.

Lotus of Hwa said...

Could I customize the Calendar?
e.g. add the lunar calendar in Chinese of the relative date.

Anonymous said...


thanks. I followed your instructions and placed the url into a word document which i saved as a html. I then saved the html to my doc library.

do you know how i can have that link open the page instead of the document?