Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Allowing Users to Rate Pages and Add Rich HTML Comments to SharePoint Pages

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Anonymous said...


Is it possible to download the webpart to try it ?


Unknown said...

Yep. Here's the link: Beta download: User Comments and Ratings for SharePoint 2007 Pages

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

I've been looking for this kind of webpart! Does this webpart also work for list-items and documents or only for pages? If not, how can this be done?

Greetings, Willem

Anonymous said...

i have download this webpart and added it to a page. I seem to get this error "The contents of this web part do not render while in design mode.
Edit this web part's properties".

I am unable to find documentation on how to use this webpart.

Anonymous said...

I also want to know if it's possible to rate documents

does someone know?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to post the *.webpart or *.dwp for this web part? It would be a lot easier to import that way.

Thanks - I hope I get to try it soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how is the rating suppose to be used?

Do i need to create or add any columns to the lists/pages that i want my users to be able to leave a comment or rate?



Anonymous said...

How do you add the Community Content web part to your SharePoint Site's master page?

Ashok said...


I was able to successfully install the web part but when I choose to apply it to a page I get and exception; the web part does not apply. Any advise/help is greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Do you have an update on Willem's question as i would like to use the rating system for individual documents?