Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Course on Business Data Catalog and Enterprise Application Integration

We have a new course in development that is scheduled to launch to the public on September 30.

The course, Objective: Integration - Using MOSS and the Business Data Catalog (BDC) for Enterprise Application Integration, is targeted at MOSS Solution Designers and Administrators who have caught the vision that MOSS 2007 can be an excellent "hub of integration" for pulling together disparate enterprise data into a common user experience - namely MOSS.

This course sprang out of A) our experience with teaching our MOSS BI course: BI Revolutions: The MOSS Business Intelligence Toolset, and B) consulting projects we have done over the past couple of years to help our clients use MOSS as a hub for enterprise application integration - particularly, in relation to implementing the Business Data Catalog (BDC).

We believe this will be the first classroom-style, expert-led public training class in the market for advanced MOSS training that focuses 100% on using MOSS to enable enterprise application integration.

If you have taken one of our courses before, you know that we invest heavily in the design and engineering of the curriculum because we strongly believe that high quality curriculum can help a high quality instructor do the best job possible. The training industry in general has forgotten this and tends to crank out mediocre curriculum because it is the easy and cheap way to go. However, our students can be assured that they will receive the highest quality course materials in the industry when they take our classes.

You also may know that we truly put experts in the role of instructors. We have always viewed ourselves as expert consultants who also happen to be gifted teachers. All of our instructors are 100% devoted to teaching and consulting on MOSS. We don't do Exchange, we don't do Project Server, and we don't do Oracle or Java or any other kind of training or consulting. When you attend our classes, you can be assured that your instructor has deep expertise in both applying and teaching SharePoint.

If this subject is up your alley, I hope you will consider taking "Objective: Integration" sometime in the near future. After the September 30 launch in our Nashville location, we will be rotating the course around each month through our locations in Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, Seattle and Boston.

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Anonymous said...

What would you consider "prerequisites" or at least prior experience/knowledge level to get the most out of this course? It sounds interesting but I worry I may not be ready to take full advantage. Thanks!