Thursday, August 14, 2008

It’s All About You

by Randy Moody
Living in Nashville, Tennessee, is cool in a lot of ways. It’s hard to walk five steps in this city wi9hout bumping into somebody who is in the music business.
One night I unwittingly attended the CD Pre-Release Party of a country “used-to-be-a-star” who has a “comeback CD” ready for release in a couple of months. It was advertised by the venue on its website as a “free show” and I thought, “Sure. Why not?” I like some of the guy’s music and thought it was pretty cool that he was singing for free.
Well, he wasn’t singing for free. He was talking about how great the CD was and how cool it was that he was going to be releasing all these great tunes, most of which he wrote, which were being played at about 90 decibels through the PA system. And how his new contemporary sound was going to take the Country Music world by storm. It was a “let’s celebrate how cool I am” show.
So what I got for “free” was (from the user side) the equivalent of buying a twelve dollar dinner and listening to his songs on my iPod turned up REALLY LOUD, and hearing him elaborate on what a great singer and writer he is. I could have had THAT free show at home, and not paid for a $12 meal!
Pretentiousness is always repellant. And it is an absolutely universal fact that pretentious people don’t know they are pretentious. They see themselves as “relevant,” “important,” and “impactful.” And they strive diligently to make you see them that way.
I’ve been to training classes with instructors like that. Have you?

You won’t get that with our instructors at SharePoint Solutions. They’re not out to impress you. They’re out to help you become a skilled SharePoint user. It’s not about them, it’s about you.
Here’s what the students themselves are saying:
  • Ricky was very knowledgeable and personable as well. I felt comfortable in class almost immediately. Ricky is the real deal.
  • Although I am sure you have many qualified and talented instructors, I would request Tracey and Robert again. They were both very knowledgeable in what they were teaching, very approachable, and both had a great sense of humor.”
  • Jeff was phenomenal. Everyone loved him and he greatly helped us. It was great and very much worth the money invested.”

Students consistently find each of our instructors friendly, down-to-earth, approachable, and genuinely helpful. The kind of person who is easy to learn from.
When you learn from SharePoint Solutions instructors, you’re learning from the best.
(But THEY won’t tell you that.)

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