Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Check Out These SharePoint Designer Workflow Essentials Videos!

I recently recorded a bunch of videos that demonstrate how each of the activities in our Workflow Essentials product work. If you aren’t already familiar with Workflow Essentials, it adds more than two dozen activities and conditions to your SharePoint Designer workflows so you can do so much more with them.
Most of these videos are only 2-3 minutes long. But these activities are so easy to use that even in just a couple minutes you’ll get to see how to add them to your workflow project, how to configure them, and then get to see how they work in a real running workflow.
You can  watch all 13 Workflow Essentials videos together. Although there are 24 activities, many of the videos include multiple activities so you get to see how they work together.
You’ll can also access any of the videos for a particular workflow action by visiting the Workflow Essentials product page; then find the activity you’re interested in and click on the Watch Video link.
One of the most common things that information workers and end users would like to do in their SharePoint Designer workflows is manage permissions on items in SharePoint lists and libraries. Workflow Essentials makes this really easy with three activities: Grant Permission on Item, Delete Item Permission Assignment, and Reset Item Permission Inheritance. Below, you can watch the video that shows how to add and configure these three activities and then you’ll get to see them in action.

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frik said...

nice video but their is a problem.
The grant permission activity is asynchronous. I'll give you an scenario.

You have a user with "add Item" permission.
You want after he add a new item give him "Edit Item" permission with Grant Activity and then update the item's Title.

If you choose the Grant Permission Activity you have to pause the Workflow for 1 minute and then update the Title. If don't pause you get Access Denied Error