Monday, February 18, 2013

Live Online SharePoint Training – A New Class Attendance Option

by Randy Moody

Need SharePoint training, but can’t travel?  No problem!
Each week we hear from students across the country who would like to attend one of our SharePoint training classes, and have money in the training budget, but are not able to travel.

Maybe that’s your situation too. If it is, then I have some great news!
SharePoint Solutions is now offering a Live Online Remote Attendance option for our classroom-based classes.

SharePoint Live Online TrainingThrough our new Live Online Remote Attendance option, you’ll join a live class in Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, or Washington, DC, except you’ll be sitting at your own desk connecting across the Internet.
You’ll see the instructor live, hear the lectures and watch the demos, and then connect to your own personal virtual SharePoint environment, just like the classroom attendees, to do your hands-on lab exercises using the very same course manual that they’re using.

The classroom experience is essentially the same, but without the hassle and expense of travel.
We’ll provide a printed course manual, a USB headset, and instructions on connecting to the class and the lab environment.

You’ll be responsible to have your computer ready for training according to our instructions, and to have a place to work where you won’t be interrupted or distracted.
Eventually, the online option will be available for all of our SharePoint training classes. But, to begin with, we’ll be offering this option on selected classes beginning in March.

You can see which classes are being offered online by going to this page. Classes with a location of “Live Online” rather than the name of a city are available for remote online attendance. You simply register online like you would for any of our classes.
Interested?  Click here to learn more.