Monday, February 11, 2013

New SharePoint 2010 Training Course: Designing SharePoint Document Management and Records Management Systems in SharePoint 2010

by Randy Moody

For many companies, SharePoint Document Management really amounts to little more than eliminating file shares and storing documents in SharePoint document libraries.  But that is only the beginning of what SharePoint 2010 is capable of when it comes to managing your organization’s documents and records.

SharePoint 2010 allows you to actually design and create Document Management systems.

When you create systems for managing documents in SharePoint—instead of just storing documents in SharePoint—you leverage the power to:

·         Simplify document creation, organization, and discovery for end users
·         Control and improve document distribution
·         Improve regulatory compliance
·         Decrease costs and increase efficiency
·         Take SharePoint to the next level in your organization!

In our new 4-day Intermediate-Level SharePoint 2010 training course, Designing SharePoint Document Management and Records Management Systems in SharePoint2010, students learn to leverage Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features in SharePoint Server 2010 to begin developing systems for managing documents in their organization. They learn to:
·         Understand the concepts, features, and technologies that are available for creating document management systems in SharePoint 2010
·         Create Content Models to understand the roles of documents in the organization and serve as a roadmap for building systems in SharePoint 2010
·         Build simple document management systems that use single location sites, libraries, metadata, and document sets
·         Build centralized document management systems that utilize automatic routing, workflows and customized search pages
·         And finally, integrate Records Management for full regulatory compliance with their governing authorities’ requirements.

Student learning will be facilitated through a combination of instructor presentations and hands-on lab exercises. A sample company will be used in the labs to teach students how to integrate these concepts and SharePoint 2010 features to design and build systems for managing document processes.
Classes are now enrolling for our new course for our Nashville, TN location in March, and our Chicago, IL location in April, 2013.