Friday, December 13, 2013

You’re Invested in Your Employees – Now Increase Your ROI!

By Randy Moody

Management, you are already invested in your employees, and have a vested interest in their success, so increasing their competency, productivity, job satisfaction, efficiency, and self-confidence, while reducing employee turnover, can provide greater returns on that investment and boost your bottom line. With that in mind, here are

7 Benefits of Quality SharePoint Training

The ROI from quality skills-based SharePoint training can be immediate and significant. The cost of investing in your employees through SharePoint training is minimal compared to other business costs.
Companies who invest in their employees by sending them to such training reap rich rewards.

Here are 7 ways your company can benefit from employees who receive high quality, skills-based SharePoint training from PremierPoint Solutions:

  1. Streamlined Efficiency – SharePoint is designed to streamline collaboration and efficiency in the workplace. Skilled SharePoint users reduce costs through increased productivity and effectiveness. Interdepartmental tension is reduced as increasingly skilled users take advantage of more of SharePoint’s advantages.
  2. Increased Employee Productivity – Employees who are skilled in using SharePoint effectively are more productive, and increased productivity quickly translates to increased profitability.
  3. Less Stressful Work Environment – Employees who are confident and competent using SharePoint foster a less-stressed, more positive work environment. And who couldn’t use some stress relief these days?
  4. Increased Job Satisfaction – Employees who know how to use the available tools to their best advantage feel good about themselves, get more done, and are satisfied in their jobs. Morale is up, and turnover is reduced.
  5. Increased Motivation – The fact that a company is willing to invest in its employees makes them feel valued and appreciative. That appreciation, coupled with enhanced proficiency and confidence in their skills, is a powerful motivator.
  6. Enhanced Company Image – SharePoint’s organizational advantages mean that clients have quicker access to products, services, and important data because employee efficiency is increased. And dealing with your organization’s cheerful, competent, satisfied employees gives clients a positive impression of your company.
  7. Reduced Costs – With SharePoint implemented, and employees trained to use it well, less time is spent finding and sending data, and data becomes more useful and more strategically applicable. “Busy work” expenses are reduced, making workers’ time at work more profitable. And implementing digital forms and automated workflow processes causes paper and supply expenses to plummet.

Maximizing the ROI from your ongoing investment in your employees just makes good business sense. Find the SharePoint training from PremierPoint Solutions that will enable you to do just that.