Thursday, January 02, 2014

Performance-Enhancing Skills: They're Legal

By Randy Moody

It’s kind of ironic, in a way.

In sports, performance-enhancing substances are a huge no-no.
But, in the workplace, performance-enhancing skills are exactly what you’re looking for!

What’s the difference between an office worker and a Power User?
Performance-enhancing skills.

Right now, in your office there is a lady who is a very savvy information worker, who, with less than a week of training, could be writing powerful, complex workflows that could automate your business processes and save you thousands of dollars in saved time. She just needs the performance-enhancing skill.

There is a man in a cubicle down the hall who, in just four days could acquire the performance-enhancing skill to design a killer document management system using SharePoint which could save your company thousands of man-hours and thousands of dollars!

Concealed in mild-mannered seemingly-ordinary office workers 
is the potential to be Power Workers capable of super accomplishments!
The power is there.

You’ve already got SharePoint.
They just need the performance-enhancing skills.

                      And that’s where PremierPoint Solutions comes in.

Our SharePoint training classes are designed to impart practical workplace-ready skills, so that the student leaves class competent, confident, and ready to put those new skills to work. High quality training isn’t about simply passing along good information. It’s about transferring work-transforming skills that can make a huge difference.

Here are four ways PremierPoint Solutions can deliver performance-enhancing skills to your organization:
Get those performance-enhancing skills right away and put them to work for your organization!